I-RON midi

The I-RON MIDI is the perfect cutting machine for professional use.
A safe and strong device that is easy to maintain and has an ergonomic design.

This compact powerhouse is suitable for cutting all your food items such as meat, cheese, processed meats and so on.

I-RON Midi clean coat (cc)

Every machine in the Midi series is available with the “cleancoat” coating. The cleancoat coating provides a beautiful appearance and a very easy cleaning of the cutting machine.

Thanks to the CLEAN COAT BODY and the I-CUT knife, you also get much more return from your products to be cut, so you have a lot less loss or cutting waste.

Technical specifications

The I-Ron midi is available in 4 variants with different knife diameters and motors.

I-Ron midiMidi 25
Midi 25 cc
Midi 30
Midi 30 cc
Midi 35
Midi 35 cc
Midi 30 (verticale)
Midi 30 (verticale) cc
Knife250 mm300 mm350 mm300 mm
Engine power140 watt230 watt380 watt230 watt
Cutting capacity rectangle170 x 175 mm240 x 200 mm260 x 250 mm230 x 220 mm
Machine weight16 kg25 kg36 kg27 kg
Depth500 - 650 mm550 - 700 mm680 - 790 mm550 - 700 mm
Width450 mm500 mm550 mm500 mm
Height380 - 450 mm430 - 480 mm520 - 510 mm500 - 470 mm
Available with cleancoatyesyesyesyes
Cutting machine midi13020134201382013425
Cutting machine midi cleancoat (cc)13050134501385013455


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