The I-RON PRO is the powerhouse among the cutting machines. This professional slicer is the daily partner for use in restaurants, industrial kitchens, butcher shops, supermarkets …

Available in standard anodized aluminum body or with (optional) Clean Coat Body and all parts that come into contact with the food products during cutting.

With two different sizes PRO 30 or PRO 35, two knife diameters (30 cm or 35 cm) and manual or automatic, with our I-RON PRO we have a cutting machine for almost every application.

The I-RON PRO has an I-CUT knife that cuts through everything very smoothly as if you were cutting butter and ensures 50% less friction and product loss.

With its (optional 35) lift system you can lift the machine with one hand for easy brushing under the machine.

The (optional op 35) knife remover is a tool that allows you to quickly and safely remove the knife from your machine in 3 seconds, to be able to clean everything down to the last detail, even in difficult places without any risk of cutting.
With the built-in “one touch” sharpener, your knife is razor sharp in 6 seconds.

Pro clean coat(cc)

Every machine in the Pro series is available with the “cleancoat” technology. The cleancoat coating provides a beautiful appearance and a very easy cleaning of the cutting machine.

Thanks to the CLEAN COAT BODY and the I-CUT knife, you also get much more return from your products to be cut, so you have a lot less loss or cutting waste.

Technical specifications

The I-Ron pro is available in 3 variants with different knife diameters and motors.

I-ron proPro 30Pro 35 Pro 35 Automaat
Knife300 mm350 mm350 mm
Engine power0,24 kw0,37 kw0,37 kw
Cutting capacity rectangle220 x 180 mm300 x 155 mm300 x 155 mm
Machine weight29 kg35 kg55 kg
Depth649 mm739 mm826 mm
Width577 mm627 mm720 mm
Height465 mm560 mm719 mm
Speed ​​cuts per minute--15-50
Option knife remover-as an optionas an option
Option lifting system-as an optionas an option
Cutting machine pro154211582115853
Cutting machine pro cleancoat (cc)154501585015854


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